The University of Arizona

Equipment Enhancement Fund

This program is being reviewed and may be modified. Check back regularly. The FY18 solicitation is provided below.

Award Cycle: Annual
Limit on Proposals per PI: An individual may participate as PI on one EEF per cycle.
Next Anticipated Due Date:
     Required Letter of Intent: October 1, 2018
     Full Proposals: October 15, 2018
Award Period: Instruments must be purchased and received by June 30, 2019
Applications: Not currently being accepted. 

FY19 Description: These Category 3 grants are funded through the Improving Health TRIF Initiative. Category 3 grants are designed to add or augment research capacity through the acquisition of equipment for use by multiple investigators in shared facilities or approved university core facilities.

The proposed equipment must be located in an approved UA core facility or in a shared, accessible space, and must have multiple committed users from at least two departments and preferably, from at least two different colleges. Equipment must add new capacity to enable competitiveness for new, clearly identified extramural funding opportunities. Equipment must support interdisciplinary biosciences research.

RDI expects to make awards of up to $50,000. Contributions from other sources (departments/colleges, faculty grants, gifts, etc.) may be included to enable purchase of more expensive items.

Investigators should make a compelling case for how the acquisition of this equipment will enhance the capabilities of the core or shared use facility, how this acquisition enhances research capacity across departmental and college boundaries, and how this acquisition increases competitiveness for new extramural funding, for both individual PIs, or groups of PIs.

Proposal preparation, submission, and processing information is available in the RDI Proposal Preparation Guide (PPG). The PPG includes requirements for the project narrative and supplemental documents; it is strongly encouraged that interested applicants read the PPG in full as proposals that do not match the PPG will be returned without review.

Solicitation specific information below supersedes information presented in the PPG.

Solicitation Specific Requirements:
1. Proposal Preparation:

a. Project Narrative: Proposals may include up to three pages for the project narrative. Formatting should follow the PPG. Note that this page limit supersedes the limit listed in the PPG. Sections should include:

i. Description of the proposed equipment, including the added capacity to UA’s existing equipment
ii. Relationship to other existing core facilities or shared equipment resources
iii. Description of how the equipment will be operated and maintained
iv. Identification and justification of at least one extramural funding opportunity. Give the grant/program title, funder name, submission deadline, and funders’ priorities.

b. Supplemental Documents:

i. Table of users with their departmental and college affiliation; a minimum of three users is required.
ii. One-page business plan for the long-term sustainability of the equipment; note that awardees placing the equipment within UA core facilities will be expected to work with RDI staff to establish internal and external usage rates.
iii. If the proposed equipment is being placed in a core facility, a letter of commitment from the facility manager is required. In addition, Bob Quiroz (or designee), Arizona Research Labs Manager, Finance & Administration, must provide a letter indicating support of the proposed budget and business plan.
iv. A vendor quote must be submitted.
v. If additional contributions will be provided to purchase the equipment, a signed commitment letter, or other evidence of funds available and dedicated to the equipment, must be submitted.

2. Budget: EEF budgets must only be used for equipment or related equipment expenses. No salary or personnel costs are allowable.


Updated: September 13, 2018