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HSPP Contacts

Mariette Marsh, Director
(520) 626-7575

Andi Encinas, IRB Manager
(520) 626-8630

Mason Burchfield, IRB Coordinator
(520) 626-0433

Gina Fimbres, IRB Associate
(520) 626-0026

Jared Pryor, IRB Associate
(520) 626-1744

Street Address

1618 E. Helen Street
Tucson, AZ 85721

Mailing Address
POB 210409
Tucson, AZ 85721


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Before using the Human Subjects Protection Program forms, checklists, and templates, please read the guidance on Submitting to the IRB.  

Applications for Submission- These applications are for both new and exisiting projects. Inlcuded in are additional documents (e.g. appendices) which might be required based on the research being conducted. 

Consent Templates- These templates are for individuals who are developing a consent document either with or without a participant’s signature. Also, in this section is the University of Arizona-Banner Health Consent Form , which is required when conducting research at any of the Banner-University of Arizona Medical Center sites (e.g., Banner-University Medical Center Tucson, South and Phoenix campuses) or using Banner Health patients.

Multi-Site Research- These forms are for human research conducted at more than one site that is external to the University of Arizona or affiliate institutions (e.g., Banner-University Medical Center Tucson, South and Phoenix campuses), where the University of Arizona is the IRB of record.