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UArizona employees working on an export-controlled project with a Technology Control Plan (TCP) must complete the initial export control training prior to working on a project or accessing export-controlled information. Agreements will not be signed until training is confirmed and the TCP is in place. 

  • Refresher training is required every two years as long as an individual is on the TCP. 
  • PIs conducting research secured with a TCP are responsible for ensuring all personnel complete the required training.
  • Please contact Export Control with questions.

Initial Training- Export Control in a University Setting

Use this link to log in and select enroll in the course with your university credentials. Completing this course will automatically enroll you in the Export Control Certification. For assistance with system-related questions please contact

Refresher & Additional Training 

A refresher training is required every two years to maintain the Export Control Certification and remain on a TCP.  This requirement can be completed by attending a live presentation or online options.  The learning platform will email you next steps to meet this requirement.  

  • Export Control: A Quick Refresher provides an overview for the researcher with export control experience needing to renew the Export Control Certification.  
  • Export Compliance Part 1 and Export Compliance Part II expand the introduction of export regulations and are recommended after the initial training, Export Control in a University Setting.  To access, click the link, log in, then click "enroll" on the course.  

The Bureau of Security (BIS) offers Export Administration Regulations (EAR) trainings that do not fulfill University training requirements.

Encryption Guide

Federal regulations and university policy requires restricted data (e.g. HIPAA, Export Control, etc.) to be encrypted at certain levels depending on the type of data The below resource guide was developed to assist faculty, staff, and students in protecting restricted data. There is a great variety of encryption methods available depending on your computer configuration; this guide does not cover every single method. Please contact the appropriate compliance partner (e.g. Export Control or HIPAA) for guidance on the encrypting level requirements in the regulations. For technical assistance contact your Unit’s IT Manager or the 24/7 IT Support Center.

Encryption Guide

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Guide

Controlled Unclassified Information research computing environments meet the information security requirements mandated in NIST Special Publication 800-171. These environments are available to UA researchers when their government contract or award indicates that they are working with CUI or contract clauses indicate that NIST SP 800-171 controls are required. Request the Service:  Contact the CUI team at

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Guide