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What to Expect: Editing Services

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding externally funded proposals, we invite you to contact an RD Associate directly, or if you are unsure who to contact, send an email to: with the solicitation, or link to the solicitation, and your targeted submission deadline and your request will be directed to the appropriate person.

If you are unsure who to contact, send an email to: with the solicitation, or link to the solicitation, and your targeted submission deadline and your request will be directed to the appropriate person.

For inquiries regarding internal funding, limited submissions, the weekly newsletter  ̶  “The Current”, seminars, workshops, and programs, or for general inquiries, contact:

Daniel Moseke, Program Manager
Connie Gardner, Sr. Program Coordinator or (520) 621-8585 

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What We Do

The Research Development (RD) Associates of RDS:

  • Consult with UA faculty and researchers regarding near-, medium-, and long-term funding strategies,
  • Consult with UA faculty and researchers regarding fit with funder and solicitation, and
  • Support UA faculty members and researchers or teams of UA faculty members with the planning and execution of funding proposals ranging from single-investigator to multi-investigator/multi-institution efforts by providing document review, technical editing, proposal management, and additional services (see What to expect: editing services).

In addition, we:

  • Disseminate information of interest to UA faculty via the weekly newsletter, “The Current”,
  • Manage limited submissions,
  • Assist with internal funding programs,
  • Present seminars and workshops on grantsmanship-related topics, and
  • Support UA faculty members with the development of honorific nominations.

What to Expect: Editing Services

We’ve organized our services into expedited, basic, standard, and premier levels to help you understand the range of services we provide, and budget turnaround times accordingly. We estimate typical turnaround times to be:

  • 1 business day (expedited level),
  • 2 business days (basic level),
  • 3 business days (standard level), and
  • 3-5 business days (premier level).

These times do not include preliminary meetings and scheduling is dependent on our availability. Depending on how close you are to the submission deadline when you contact us, we can review:

  • The proposal summary, e.g., the NSF Project Summary or the NIH Specific Aims (expedited level),
  • The proposal summary and the proposal narrative, e.g., the NSF Project Narrative or the NIH Research Strategy (basic level),
  • The summary, narrative, and additional sections/attachments such as the Project Management Plan, Postdoctoral Mentoring Plan, Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animal Sections, Individual Development Plan, etc. (standard and premier levels)

There is no charge for these services. Contact the most relevant Associate to schedule, or send an email to

Editing Services

Expected Basic Standard Premier


Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and verb tense; ensure abbreviations and acronyms are defined, sentences are well constructed and clear, and document aligns with solicitation and requirements.
Ensure figures/tables are in the correct order, all cited, and cited consistently, and ensure figures, tables, and their captions are legible with correct spelling, font size, spacing, grammar, and consistency.  
Ensure proposal sections are consistent and complete, and align with the solicitation and requirements.  
Reduce word count, if needed.  
Flag redundant statements/sections for removal or edit/delete, and provide “one voice” editing.    
Provide additional stylistic editing, “one voice” editing, and content editing to clarify complex material, reorganize as needed to improve clarity and impact, and reduce word count.      

Management and Writing

Develop submission timeline in coordination with PI and appropriate business office.    
Provide proposal management in collaboration with appropriate business unit.      
Assist with crafting associated parts of proposals (e.g., Project Management Plan, Postdoc Mentoring Plan, Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animals sections, Individual Development Plan, etc.)      

Add-on Services

Letters of Institutional Support—For letters that require the signature of the Vice President for Research, submit requests at least three weeks prior to the submission deadline and include the solicitation (or link to the solicitation) and an abstract of the work proposed.
Other letters—RDS may consultand advise on recommendation letters and collaborator letters. This service includes assisting in identifying an appropriate fit, drafting text, and revising/editing letters.
Final Document Preparation—includes document layout and final formatting, consistent figure and table formatting, correspondence of in-text citations and reference list, and consistent reference formatting    
Biographical Sketch Formatting—only for faculty in departments with no existing service, on large/complex proposals, or proposals of institutional significance    
Graphics Support    
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