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Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services

Contact Information

Location: University Services Building
Phone: 520-626-6000
Preaward Services Fax: 520-626-4130
Postaward Services Fax: 520-626-4137

Mailing Address:
Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services
PO Box 210158, Rm 510
Tucson, AZ 85721-0158

Express Mail Address:
Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services
888 N. Euclid Ave, Room 510
Tucson, AZ 85719


Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS), a unit of Research, Innovation & Impact (RII), assists the University of Arizona research community in its efforts to secure external funding by providing high quality administrative, contracting and financial services to ensure proper stewardship of those funds and to minimize the risk to university resources.

Our mission is to support and enhance the University’s reputation while working to achieve strategic goals with broad services in the following areas: Proposal Development and Submission, Contracting, Postaward Management and Administrative Guidance.


Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with proposals, negotiation of grant and contract terms and conditions, guidance on the financial and administrative management of grants and contracts and training on research administration topics. SPCS is an experienced resource for faculty and staff who engage in research and scholarly activities, and who work to advance the University’s strategic goals through externally supported projects and programs.

SPCS responsibilities include the following functions, activities, and services:

Proposal and Submission

  • Aid in interpreting application guidelines and sponsor requirements
  • Review proposals, ensuring budgets are appropriate and application forms are complete and correct
  • Manage electronic application submission processes
  • Ensure proposals meet UA approval requirements
  • Provide institutional approval for all proposal submissions
  • Track proposal submissions, awards, rejections and resubmissions

Contracting Services

  • Aid in interpreting terms and conditions as well as sponsor requirements in grants and contracts
  • Negotiate contract terms and conditions with sponsors
  • Provide institutional signature for all award documents

Award Services

  • Receipt and tracking of awards
  • Establish sponsored awards in UAccess Research

Postaward Services

  • Establish and manage sponsored accounts in UAccess Financials
  • Complete invoicing and financial reporting requirements
  • Provide cash management services
  • Offer expert guidance and advice on expenditure allowability
  • Manage closeout of awards

Financial Compliance Services

  • Aid in effort reporting and documenting cost sharing/matching funds
  • Assist with equipment purchases and complete required equipment reporting
  • Coordinate and assist with external audits and internal reviews

Subaward Services

  • Offer guidance at each stage of the subaward lifecycle to include proposal, issuance, management, and closeout
  • Draft and negotiate subawards at subaward initiation
  • Draft and negotiate subaward modifications
  • Manage closeout of subawards
  • Complete regular and ongoing subaward compliance checks and monitoring activities

Administrative Guidance

  • Serve faculty and staff as a resource for information about seeking, obtaining and managing sponsored projects and related internal processes
  • Assist in interpreting sponsor and institutional policies and regulations
  • Provide faculty and staff development workshops and training on research administration

Relationships to Other Offices

  • SPCS works closely with the Office of the General Counsel, Research, Discovery & Innovation, the UA Foundation, Technology Transfer Arizona, the Financial Services Office and other offices as needed in the negotiation of award terms and conditions
  • SPCS cooperates with the UA Foundation on charitable grants that require greater financial management than gifts. The UA Foundation works to advance the University of Arizona by building relationships, securing philanthropic support and stewarding assets.
  • SPCS collaborates with the Financial Services Office to streamline accounting internal control procedures and provide better services in grant account management
  • SPCS coordinates with Research Compliance on audits and investigations