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2018 Federal Government Shutdown

2018-19 Federal Government Shutdown Guidance


12/22/18: Shutdown begins. 

The shutdown starting in December 2018 affects federal agencies that are not covered by appropriations bills already signed into law.  

The following federal agencies are covered/funded by an appropriations bill so their grants and agreements should not be affected.  

  1. Department of Defense
  2. Department of Energy
  3. Department of Education
  4. Veterans Administration
  5. Department of Labor
  6. Health and Human Services (includes the National Institutes of Health) 

The following federal agencies are NOT covered by an appropriations bill, and are in shutdown.

  1. Department of Agriculture;  REE: ARS/ERS/NIFA
  2. NASA, December Guidance
  3. National Science Foundation
  4. Department of Homeland Security
  5. Department of Justice
  6. Housing and Urban Development
  7. Department of Interior
  8. Department of State
  9. Department of Transportation
  10. Department of Treasury
  11. Department of Commerce
  12. National Endowment for the Humanities
  13. Environmental Protection Agency

Full list of agency contingency plans (OMB)

In general, the following will be true for agencies in shutdown.  Please contact Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS) for specific questions about your proposal and/or award. 


  • For existing awards, work can continue if obligated funds are available and the work does not require support of federal employees or facilities.
  • Additional funds, including continuation/supplement and new awards will not be awarded during the shutdown.  


  • New Federal funding opportunities will not be posted during the shutdown. 
  • Applications can be submitted, but deadlines may be affected.  Check with your sponsor. Systems for proposal submission will be available, but proposals will not be reviewed.  If the systems experience technical issues, they will not be resolved. 


  • Progress/Technical reports must be submitted on time. 
  • Financial reports must be submitted on time. 


The longer the shutdown lasts, the more it will affect peer review of pending applications and the awarding of new, supplemental, and continuation funding, as well as payment on existing awards.  Guidance and links for individual federal agencies and sponsors for sub-federal awards will be posted here as they are received.  If you receive information that isn't already on this page, please forward it to for inclusion.