The University of Arizona


Research, Discovery & Innovation
Name Title Email Phone

Kimberly L. Ogden, Ph.D.

Interim Vice President for Research 520.621.3513

Neal R. Armstrong, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Research 520.621.3513

Caroline Garcia

Associate Vice President for Research 520.621.3900

Philip Harber

Interim Medical Director, Occupational Health 520.626.1263

Shannon Heuberger

Special Assistant 520.621.3410

R. Brooks Jeffery

Associate Vice President, Arts, Culture & Society 520-621-2991

Christina Mena

Executive Associate to Kimberly L. Ogden, Interim VP for Research 520.626.0631

John Mester

Associate Vice President, Research Development 520.621.3513

Claudia Nelson

Director, Native Peoples Technical Assistance Office 520.626.9181

Paula Nielsen

Executive Assistant 520.621.3513

Leslie Porter

Organizational Consultant

Bob Quiroz

Manager, Finance and Administration, Arizona Research Labs 520.621.4065

Adriana Sanchez

Administrative Associate 520-621-1103

Luz Sandoval

Executive Assistant 520.621.1622

Todd Shallcross

Associate, International Program Development 520.621.3513

Christopher Shinohara

Associate Director, Research Operations - Defense / Security Research Institute (520) 621-1379

Carrie Stusse

Manager, Administrative Services 520.621.1105

Dennis Tamblyn

Administrative Associate 520.621.3900

Sonia Vega

Manager, Finance and Administration 520.621.3511

Austin Yamada

Director, Defense and Security Research Institute (520) 621-0347
Corporate Engagement Services
Name Title Email Phone

Brian Adair

Director, Corporate Engagement 520-621-2038

Hudson J Mota de Alcantara

Director, Corporate Engagement

Kaushik Balakrishnan

Research Development Associate 520-621-2815

Stephen Fleming

Vice President, Strategic Business Initiatives 520-621-1103

James A Jindrick

Director, Corporate Engagement 520-621-4503
RDI External Relations
Name Title Email Phone

Gianna Biocca

Graphic Designer, Senior 520-621-1357

Andrea Brooks

Graphic Designer, Senior

Stephanie Capuano

Associate Director

Mari Cleven

Videographer, Senior 520-621-1948

Gina Compitello

Manager, Marketing - CCP & UAMA 520.626.7978

Lucio Guerrero

Director of Research Communications 520-621-2336

Meg Hagyard

Senior Director, External Relations 520.626.1006

Eden Jaeger

Manager, Digital Marketing 520-621-8975

Emily Litvack

Specialist, Writer / Content 520-621-1948

Colleen Loomis

Graphic Designer

Kristy Makansi

Communications Coordinator 314-363-4546

Nancy Maneely

Copywriter/Content Manager 520-621-9550

Bonnie Jean Michalski

Web Site Designer/Developer 520-621-3681

Britt Palomarez

Program Coordinator, CCP-UAMA 520.621.7568
RDI Business Services
Name Title Email Phone

Suzy Brown

Research Administrator 520.626.6929

Joanne Canalli

Assistant Director, RDI Employee Services 520.626.8504

Sarah Dolan

Accountant, Associate 520.626.5727

Andrea Lawyer

Coordinator, RDI Employee Services 520.626.9178

Anh Le

Director, RDI Business Services 520.626.5749

Christina Rocha

Accountant, Senior 520.626.0180

Julie E Sanders

Research Administrator, Senior 614.753.1780

Robin Sharfman

Accountant, Associate 520.626.3460

Donna Sloan

Assistant Director, Finance and Research Administration 520.626.5749

Andrew Wang

Research Administrator 520.626.9881
Human Subjects Protection & Privacy Program
Name Title Email Phone

Mason Burchfield

IRB Coordinator 520.626.0433

Andi Encinas

IRB Manager 520.626.8630

Gina Fimbres

IRB Associate 520.626.0026

Mariette Marsh

Director, Human Subjects Protection Program 520.626.7575

Jared Pryor

IRB Associate 520.626.1744
Research Development Services
Name Title Email Phone

Jamie Boehmer, M.S., Ph.D.

Senior Associate, Research Development 520.621.6904

Kim J. Patten, M.S.

Director, Research Development Services 520.621.5429

Robin E. Richards, Ph.D.

Senior Associate, Research Development 520.626.4397

Kaushik Balakrishnan

Research Development Associate 520-621-2815

Carol Brodie

Research Development Associate 520-621-4501

Jennifer Fields, M.A.

Research Development Associate 520-626-8738

Connie Gardner

Program Coordinator, Sr. 520-621-3512

Daniel Moseke

Program Manager, Research Development 520-621-0520

Kim Nicolini, B.A.

Research Development Associate, Arts, Humanities & Social Science 520.621.1688
Research Laboratory & Safety Services
Name Title Email Phone

Keith Carsten

Assistant Director 520.626.5469

James “Jimmy” Spencer

Officer, Biological Safety (520)626-5004

Richard Wagner

Assistant Director 520.626.5467
Research Compliance Services
Name Title Email Phone

Lori Ann M. Schultz

Senior Director 520.626.9195

Misha Burstein

Specialist, Training - Education (520) 626-8757

Keith Corson

Export Control Analyst; Facility Security Officer 520.626.5865

Kay Ellis

Director, Export Control Program 520.626.2437

Wendy Epley

Export Control Analyst 520-621-0348

Dana Hess

Junior Analyst, Conflict of Interest 520.626.7879

Meg Knight

Compliance Associate 520.621.6996

Taren Langford

Officer, Conflict of Interest 520-621-5422

Owen P. Lefkon

Director, Research Ethics and Compliance; Research Integrity Officer 520.626.5338

Ben Lowry

IACUC Specialist 520.626.5304

Christine Melton-Lopez

Compliance Associate 520.621.3308

Matthew Perry Milner

Senior Analyst, Conflict of Interest 520-626-5248

Andi Mitchell

Officer, IACUC Program 520.626.1247

Ginger Neely

IACUC Associate 520.626.9071

Blanca Pernic

Research Quality Assurance Officer 520.621.5196

Scott Pryor

Manager, Training 520.621.0598

Todd Woodman

Research Data Analyst (520) 621-2445
Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services
Name Title Email Phone

Doug Dawson

Manager, Postaward 520.626.6110

Mark Drury

Contract Manager 520.626.4589

Brandi Gaulin

Manager, Subawards 520.626.8978

Tara Gonzales

Senior Manager, Sponsored Project Services 520.626.6660

Stephen G. Harsy, PhD.

Director, Preaward Services 520.626.4602

Kyle Johnson

Manager, Preaward 520.626.6113

Meg Martin

Manager, Postaward 520.626.6662

Susan Mundt

Assistant Director, Preaward Services 520.626.6308

Yohana Orduño

Manager, Postaward 520.626.6884

Radha Ramachandran, Ph.D.

Contract Manager 520.626.6068

Paul Sandoval

Director, Postaward Services 520.626.6309

Ashley Taylor

Manager, Postaward 520.626.6434

Michael Trujillo

Manager, Preaward 520.626.5557

Marcel Villalobos

Assistant Director, Postaward Services 520.626.6311

Kim Affolder

Business Manager 520.626.6314

John Annibal

Contract Officer 520.626.4585

Alexis Bantel

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.4297

Christopher Barnhill

Contract Officer 520.626.6834

Sam Bello

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6150

Daniel Camarena

Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator 520.626.8662

Savannah Corral

Administrative Associate 520.626.3050

Jonna Critchley

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6676

Jennifer Porter Dukes

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6661

Teresa Espinosa

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6432

Mary Gerrow

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6433

Allison Harte

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.262.7189 (Cell Ph.)

Tabatha Holan

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6442

Stephanie Howell

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6884

Genoa Killian

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6150

Melissa Kramer

Contract Officer 520.626.9173

Gricelda LaTurco

Coordinator, Sponsored Projects Financial Compliance 520.626.4610

Julia Larson

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6534

Meryl Lee

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6822

Amy McMillen

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6212

Diane "Diana" Ouradnik

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.4977

Alex Pantoja

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6127

Bruce Perlman

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6111

Julia Puntenney

Manager, Internal Operations 520.626.6155

Aileen Quezada

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626-0603

Carmen Raffensparger

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6153

Ernesto Raygoza

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6532

Nicholas Reed

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6423

Rachel Rice

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.3668

Zach Sbragia

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6124

Rachel Sheahan

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.9513

Matt Sheeley

Administrative Assistant 520.626.6000

Miranda Sheeley

Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6411

Kirsten Sherman-Haynes

Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator, Senior 520.626.6418

Chuck Smart

Contract Analyst 520.626.3353

Peter Stamm

Contract Analyst 520.626.3596

Ravjit "Ravi" Swett

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.5782

Lorraine Syswerda

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6129

Dorely Valdez

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.8458

Roque Vasquez

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6128

Kayla Yount

Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator 520.626.4588

Nathalie Zepeda

Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6440