The University of Arizona

PI Orientation Video Series

The PI Orientation Video series is an online course designed to introduce University of Arizona Principal Investigators (PI) to:

  • the fundamentals of research administration and grants management at UA;
  • the roles and responsibilities that come with being a PI; and
  • the resources and offices available across the university to support PIs in fulfilling their administrative responsibilities as efficiently as possible.

The primary intended audience are faculty new to UA and to the PI role, but we hope established faculty, staff, advanced grad students, and postdocs will find it useful as well.

How to watch

1)     Enroll in the PI Orientation Video course.

2)     Click the “Launch” link for each chapter to watch the videos

The course is hosted in UAccess Learning, which means that completing the videos will be documented in the your profile of professional development activity.


  • 10 short video chapters, averaging 7 minutes in length. See below for complete list of chapter titles.
  • 68 minutes of total content.
  • You can watch the videos in whatever way suits you best, either in several minute chunks over a period of days, or all in one sitting.

Video Content & Duration

  • Your Research Support Team (4:29)
  • Proposal Initiation & SPCS PreAward (7:30)
  • Budgeting for Your Research (10:57)
  • Proposal Submission (6:28)
  • Contracting Services (7:10)
  • Conflicts of Interest and Tech Launch Arizona (5:47)
  • Introduction to Research Compliance Programs (10:49)
  • Getting Started with Award Management (6:29)
  • Spending Project Money (8:25)
  • Project Changes, Progress Reports, and Award Closeout (8:02)


Contact the Research, Discovery & Innovation Training Team at 520-621-0598 or