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University of Arizona

Arizona Health Sciences Library Grant Support
Current biomedical information resources and services that support research being conducted at Arizona Health Sciences.

Campus Repository
Access the research, creative works, publications and teaching materials of the University.

Computing Support - Research
Central resources and support to complement and extend college and departmental resources in order to provide the research community with a range and depth of Cyber Infrastructure.

Copyright Guide
Link to information on copyright law, including related policies and resources.

Public Access Policies for Publications
Provides guidance for complying with the public access policies of key federal funding agencies.

Data Management Resources
Information on developing data management plans and resources.

Sharing Data - Research
General information on sharing research data.

Faculty Research Support
Information on accessing materials, publishing and sharing of research.

Journal Publishing Services
Information on support services for open access and subscription journal publications.

NIH Public Access Compliance
Link to guide explaining the NIH Public Access Policy, the process for submitting peer-reviewed articles to PubMed Central and how to use NIH tools to manage and verify compliance.

Office of Institutional Research and Planning Support
Information on University facts, reporting, enrollment, finances, diversity and other institutional information.

University of Arizona Fact Book
Official facts about the University of Arizona.

Tech Transfer Guide
Outline on the essential elements of technology transfer at the University of Arizona.

UAccess Community Business Office Resources
Resources and links designed to help you effectively navigate business and administrative systems.

UAccess Research Resources
Information on the UAccess Research system.

University Relations
University Federal Relations is the University of Arizona's liaison with the federal government.

National Institutes of Health

National Institutes of Health Grants Administration Changes Timeline
Interactive timeline of upcoming changes in National Institutes of Health grant administration.

National Institutes of Health Grants Administration Information Sources
Contact information sources for questions relating to National Institutes of Health grants administration and to staff directories and funding opportunities.

National Institutes of Health New Investigator Guide
Outline of strategies for gaining an NIH grant and explains basic funding concepts and processes to new and would-be principal investigators.

National Institutes of Health Public Access Policy
Information related to Scholarly communication and the NIH public access policy.

Managing NIH Public Access Compliance
Explanation of the NIH Public Access Policy, the process for submitting peer-reviewed articles to PubMed Central and how to use NIH tools to manage and verify compliance.

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation Dissemination and Sharing of Research Results
Information on the National Science Foundation Data Management and Sharing Policy, explains Data Management Plan requirements and the requirements by Directorate, Office, Division, Program and other NSF Units.

National Science Foundation How to Manage Your Award
Information related to administering National Science Foundation Awards.