The University of Arizona

Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services Directory

General Contact Information
Phone: 520-626-6000


Directors & Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Stephen G. Harsy, PhD
Director, Contracting Services 520.626.4602
Savannah Corral
Contract Coordinator 520.626.7920

Government & Non-Profit Contracting

Name Title Email Phone
Mark Drury
Contract Manager 520.626.4589
Christopher Barnhill
Contract Officer 520.626.6834
Melissa Kramer
Contract Officer 520.626.9173
Chuck Smart
Contract Analyst 520.626.3353

Industry Contracting

Name Title Email Phone
Radha Ramachandran, PhD
Contract Manager 520.626.6068
John Annibal
Contract Officer 520.626.4585
Bruce Perlman
Contract Analyst 520.626.3596

Subaward Services

Name Title Email Phone
Brandi Gaulin
Manager, Subaward Services 520.626.8978
Susanne Borchauloui
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6676
Deborah Holmstrom
Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator 520.626.6000
Aileen Quezada
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626-0603

Postaward Services

Directors & Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Phone
Paul Sandoval
Director, Postaward Services 520.626.6309
Marcel Villalobos
Assistant Director, Postaward Services 520.626.6311

Financial Compliance and Property Services

Name Title Email Phone
Tara Gonzales
Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects Services 520.626.6660
Jessica Federico
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.5782
Tabatha Holan
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6442
Gricelda LaTurco
Coordinator, Sponsored Projects Financial Compliance 520.626.4610

Postaward Services Team 1

College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture; Eller College of Management; College of Education; James E. Rogers College of Law; College of Optical Sciences; Graduate College; Honors College; Outreach College; Office for Research & Discovery; UA South

Name Title Email Phone
Ashley Taylor
Manager, Postaward Services 520.626.6434
Genoa Killian
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6823
Meryl Lee
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6822
Diane "Diana" Ouradnik
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.4977

Postaward Services Team 2

College of Science; College of Letters, Arts and Science; College of Fine Arts; College of Humanities; College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Name Title Email Phone
Yohana Orduño
Manager, Postaward Services 520.626.7551
Amy McMillen
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6212
Julia Patronski
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6534
Ernesto Raygoza
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6532
Nathalie Zepeda
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6440

Postaward Services Team 3

College of Medicine - Tucson; College of Medicine - Phoenix; College of Nursing; College of Pharmacy; Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Name Title Email Phone
Carmen Raffensparger
Manager, Postaward Services 520.626.6153
Sam Bello
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6150
Stephanie Howell
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6661
Marie Jauregui
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6432
Dorely Valdez
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6884

Postaward Services Team 4

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; College of Engineering

Name Title Email Phone
Jeni Porter Dukes
Manager, Postaward Services 520.626.6110
Rachel Doty
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.9513
Barbara Goetting
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520-626-6111
Alyssa Gough
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.8662
Melissa Gupton
Sponsored Projects Administrator (520) 626-6441

Award Services

Name Title Email Phone
Michael Trujillo
Manager, Award Services 520.626.5557
Betzi Castillo
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520-626-4588
Rachael Hambacher
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520-626-6129
Yaneisi Moreno
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6128
Alex Pantoja
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.6127
Matt Sheeley
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Senior 520.626.8458

Sponsored Projects and Contracting Services

Proposal Services

Name Title Email Phone
Rachel Rice
Assistant Director, Pre-Awards 520.626.6113
Alexis Bantel
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.4297
Kristen "Kris" Edmonds
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520-626-6423
Mary Gerrow
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.626.6433
Allison Harte
Sponsored Projects Administrator, Principal 520.262.7189
Jesús Orduño
Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator 520.626.6423
Kirsten Sherman-Haynes
Sponsored Projects Adminsitrator, Principal 520.626.6418
Chris “Gene” Sittler
Sponsored Projects Administrator 520.626.6124


Name Title Email Phone
Susan Mundt
Assistant Director, Operations 520.626.6308
Kim Affolder
Business Manager 520.626.6314
Kathleen Fitzgerald
Administrative Assistant 520-626-6000
Shana McClelland
Manager, Training and Development 520.626.5727
Julia Puntenney
Manager, Internal Operations 520.626.6155