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Research Development

What is Research Development?

Research development encompasses a variety of support activities for faculty efforts to secure extramural funding. From strategic advising to proposal support to providing workshops and trainings, research development professionals have the goal of enabling competitive individual and team research.

What Services are Available at UA?

Research development support for faculty and staff is provided across the University of Arizona at college, department and institute levels, and by Research, Discovery & Innovation through the Research Development Services (RDS) team. At the University of Arizona, Research Development Services provides resources to support the University's strategic priority to:

"Expand our research and creative inquiry to not only discover new knowledge and create new ideas, but also to innovate new ways of knowing and seeing that will ensure our continued leadership in interdisciplinary scholarship".

Please contact your college's Associate or Assistant Dean for Research and/or department Business Manager for more information on your college or department's support for research development.

Research Development Services works with both central and unit-level research professionals to offer a range of services including programs, opportunities, resources, and proposal assistance.




  • Online Proposal Guidance including Mentoring Plans, Data Management Plans, and Letters of Support
  • Pivot - find Collaborators

Proposal Assistance

  • Proposal Consulting
  • Proposal Review
  • Large Complex Proposal Support
  • Project Management Support

Meet our Team and Contact Research Development Services for more information.