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RDS Catalog (UA only)

This table of RDS resources includes general guidance, templates, RDS webinar slides and handouts, RDS recorded webinars, and other resources. Some files are for internal UA use only and require a UA NetID to login to Box to view or download. Have questions or have a resource to share? Please contact RDS.

RDS Resources

Title Resource Type Related Funding Entitysort descending Description
2018-2019 PIVOT Funding Database Training Webinar_Workshop Handout
2018-2019 PIVOT Funding Database Training Pivot training workshops are open to campus (faculty, staff, and students) interested in obtaining an introduction to the funding database. The database includes, on average, more than $50 billion in available funding opportunities covering all research, creative, and scholarly activity. Users can create custom searches, save those searches, identify potential collaborators, and use the Pivot Advisor – a profile specific list of funding opportunities. Pivot is available for free to UA employees and students.
IES 101 Grant Development
Overview of sponsor requirements, grant application components, a suggested timeline, and tips for submission of proposals for the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), National Center for Education Research (NCER) and the National Center for Special Education Research (NCSER).
2018-2019 NIH R Series Preparation- Approach Webinar_Workshop Handout
The Approach webinar will focus on how to organize the Approach section of the NIH Research Strategy, including the required level of detail, integrating the why and the how, and demonstrating feasibility. Participants will learn different organizational strategies, where to include preliminary data, and how to demonstrate the required elements of rigor and reproducibility.
Cyberinfrastructure Facilities Boilerplate
Facilities and equipment description for computing, coding, digital services, and more on the UA campus. Contact information and last update is available for each section. Each section is generally updated every six months.
SciENcv Biosketches for NIH, NSF, IES Template
The National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Institute for Education Studies all recommend using SciENcv to create your NIH, NSF, and IES compliant biosketches. This link provides information on how to use SciENcv including how to PDF your documents for proposal submission.
2018-2019 RDS Brown Bag Series: "Getting Ahead of the Request for Proposals" Webinar_Workshop Handout
RDS Brown Bag Series: "Getting Ahead of the Request for Proposals" Receiving a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement often requires engagement prior to the release of a solicitation or request for proposals. This session will introduce researchers to some of the more common ways of helping either shape a solicitation or better understand the upcoming solicitation.
2018-2019 RDS Brown Bag Series: " Large and Complex Proposals" Webinar_Workshop Handout
Collaborating across disciplines has become critical for advancing science and addressing complex questions. Research funding opportunities from most federal sponsors have reflected this shift to "team science" with calls for multi- and inter-disciplinary proposals. This session will provide an overview of preparing for and submitting these often large and complex proposals.
2018-2019 RDS Brown Bag Series: " Writing a Strong First Page" Webinar_Workshop Handout
RDS Brown Bag Series, “Writing a Strong First Page” This workshop is presented by Prof. Nathan Cherrington, Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies - College of Pharmacy; Prof. Bryan Heidorn, Director, School of Information; and Research Development Services team members. A first page that is detailed yet concise, passionate yet professional, conclusive yet stage-setting serves as an introduction to everything that follows in the proposal. “Writing a Strong First Page” will provide researchers with tips and ideas for capturing reviewer’s attention from the very start of a research proposal and will include agency-specific advice.
2018-2019 RDS Brown Bag Series: "Project Evaluation Basics: Evaluation for Grant Writing" Webinar_Workshop Handout
RDS Brown Bag Series: Project Evaluation Basics: Evaluation for Grant Writing" This workshop will introduce researchers to the basics of formative and summative evaluation. Participants will learn how to develop a robust evaluation plan for their proposed project and will leave with evaluation tools and resources, including contact information for University and external evaluators.
NSF HSI Limited Submission Webinar Webinar_Workshop Recording
NSF Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI Program) - an Informational Webinar on the NSF HSI Limited Submission