The University of Arizona

Limited Submissions FAQ

I received the ticket but have decided not to apply after all, what should I do?

Contact RDS as soon as possible so other potential applicants can move forward with a submission to the funder. Certain limited submissions are very competitive at UA, e.g. the National Science Foundation (NSF) Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program. If you receive the ticket to be the institutional submission for a competitive limited submission opportunity (i.e.

The internal deadline for a Limited Submission has passed and no one has applied, what happens next?

The Limited Submission opportunity will be listed in the Open category on the Limited Submission Table and the first expression of interest RDS receives will be accepted as the institutional submission. Expressions of interest must be sent to and the date/time that the email is received will determine the order that expressions of interest are accepted.

Is there a possibility of collaboration between PIs whose pre-application(s) were selected to receive the ticket and those whose pre-application was not selected?

RDS publishes the name of the PI selected for each Limited Submission opportunity on the Limited Submission Table on the Research Gateway. RDS seeks to coordinate Limited Submissions for the university to facilitate the best proposal submission from an institutional perspective and encourages communication between all interested applicants to a limited submission opportunity. That said, the choice to collaborate is at the discretion of the PI/Team that receives the ticket to proceed.