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Industry Engagement and Interdisciplinary Link Student Team Awards

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Award Cycle: Annual
Limit on Proposals per PI: An individual may participate as PI on one proposal per cycle.
Next Due Date: March 15, 2018
Earliest Start Date: July 1, 2018
Award Period: July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
Applications: Accepted through UA Competition Space 

Description: These Category 1 grants are designed to catalyze new extramural research and build new intramural collaborations. Awards support Graduate Research Assistants (salary, ERE, tuition remission, travel), undergraduate research assistants, and core facility usage.

Track 1:     Interdisciplinary Link awards extend a single faculty member’s funded research (i.e., existing grant) into new interdisciplinary efforts with a collaborator in another discipline (typically in another college) via a co-mentored GRA.
Track 2:     Industry Engagement awards extend a newly funded UA-industry agreement via a co-mentored GRA. The GRA should work in industry (time at the industry partner’s facility is expected) and gain experience supervising and mentoring undergraduates conducting the industry-supported work.

Proposal preparation, submission, and processing information is available in the RDI Proposal Preparation Guide (PPG). The PPG includes requirements for the project narrative and supplemental documents; it is strongly encouraged that interested applicants read the PPG in full as proposals that do not match the PPG may be returned without review. Solicitation specific information below supersedes information presented in the PPG.

Solicitation Specific Requirements:

1. Eligibility:

a. Both Tracks: Teams must include the PI, one graduate student, and at least one other mentor for the student
b. Track 1: Co-mentors must be faculty from different disciplines (typically across colleges)
c. Track 2: Co-mentors must include the UA-based PI and an industry-based collaborator

 2. Proposal Preparation: Both Tracks

a. Project Narrative: In addition to the information required in the PPG, the two-page project narrative must include information on how the proposed research advances the graduate student’s skills, leadership, and training
b. Required Supplemental Documents: Both Tracks

i. One-page individual development plan agreed on by the graduate student and both mentors
ii. One-page description of the co-mentoring team
iii. Match certification: provide documentation of the required match (discussed in Budget below). This could include a signed letter for the industry partner or a current award document with GRA support.

 3. Budget Preparation:

a. Both Tracks:

i. Tuition remission (for the semesters of the GRAship)
ii. Travel for graduate student’s data collection or conference attendance (up to $1000)
iii. Core facility usage credit (up to $5000)
iv. Two undergraduate assistants (up to 15 hours/week for 40 weeks)

b. Track 1: Up to .50 FTE GRA with ERE per semester for two semesters

i. 0.25 FTE GRA per semester for two semesters from Student Team Award
ii. 0.25 FTE GRA per semester for two semesters from existing grant
iii. Student Team Awards will only match the existing grant commitment, i.e., if the existing grant commitment is for .20 FTE GRA per semester then the Student Team Award will provide .20 FTE GRA support per semester.

c. Track 2: Up to .50 FTE GRA with ERE

i. 0.50 FTE GRA from industry commitment for the first semester
ii. 0.50 FTE GRA from Student Team Award for the second semester

4. Proposal Review: In addition to the review criteria detailed in the PPG, reviewers will comment on how the proposed research advances the graduate student’s skills, leadership, and training