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Research Laboratory & Safety Services
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Submission of Human Subjects Protocols Involving Radiation

All Human Subjects protocols that involve exposing individuals to radiation (ionizing and nonionizing) must be submitted to Research Laboratory & Safety Services for review and approval. The protocol will be categorized according to the guidelines approved by the Medical Radiation Safety Committee and the Human Subjects Protection Program.

The following must be submitted to Research Laboratory & Safety Services:

1. A cover letter with:

  • Contact information
  • The type of radiation exposure
  • If radiation exposure is for research purposes only
  • Where radiation procedure is to be performed
  • If radiation procedures will use standard protocols

Address cover letter to:
Research Laboratory & Safety Services
PO Box 245101
Campus Mail

2. Copy of the Consent form.  The consent form must include a risk statement of the potential threats involved with the radiation exposure. Avoid comparing the dose to be received with the environmental dose as they are not the same or giving exact dose numbers.

3.  Copy of Project Approval Form

4.  Written authorization must be obtained for radiation procedures involving Banner – University Medical Center's Radiation Oncology and/or Nuclear Medicine departments.

Submit the information by mail or email to

Principal Investigators, their contacts, and the Human Subjects Protection Program will be mailed the approval letter.

Please contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services at (520) 626-6850 with any questions.

Information on human subjects in research is available on the Human Subjects Protection Program website.