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The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) reviews all research involving recombinant and biohazardous material that is performed at or sponsored by the University of Arizona, or for entities that have a contract with the University of Arizona. They must ensure experiments are evaluated and designed to minimize laboratory acquired infections of recombinant and biohazardous material. The Committee makes recommendations or imposes requirements when necessary to modify experimental procedures to reduce the possibility of inadvertent generation of aerosols.

Non-committee faculty or staff with special expertise will be asked to advise the Committee when the need arises.

The IBC is comprised of University faculty and staff and two representatives from the community. Members are selected based on their expertise, ensuring that the Committee has the collective experience to evaluate the risks associated with the use of recombinant and biohazardous material in a wide variety of research proposals. Members of the IBC must recuse themselves from voting on projects in which they are or expect to be engaged in, or have a direct financial interest.

IBC meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, and are open to the public.  All forms must be submitted to RLSS by the second Wednesday of the month for review and addition to that months agenda.

Submitting to the IBC

New Research

To obtain IBC approval for research involving recombinant and/or biohazardous material, the Approval Holder must complete and submit a New Protocol Application Form and the Application for New Approval to Use Biohazardous and/or Recombinant Material.

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) New Protocol Form Guide

After Committee review and approval, the Approval Holder is sent a letter of approval from the Committee.

Amendments to Previously Approved Research

The Approval Holders must obtain IBC approval before changing any variable in their research by submitting the Protocol Amendment Application Form.

Committee Members and Meeting Schedule

See Safety Committees for the committe roster and meeting schedule.