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The University of Arizona participates in multiple agreements that provide flexibility for researchers when working with collaborators at other institutions. Please review our guidance that explains our collaboration agreements, and obligations and submission requirements for single IRB review here

The Human Subjects Protection Program determines whether or not the site is engaged in the human research. 

Single IRB review forms
The forms below are for when the UA is the IRB of record (Reviewing IRB) for another site (Relying IRB)

Appendix for Multi-Site Research (PDF)
A multi-site study is a study that involves multiple institutions engaged in the research project. This form should be used when the University of Arizona IRB will review research activities for an investigator or research staff who are not affiliated with the University. This form is not needed if each research site will obtain their own IRB approval.

Multi-Site List of Research Personnel (PDF)
Site specific list of Senior/Key personnel, as defined by the National Institutes of Health, must be included on the Multi-Site List of Research Personnel and have current CITI training before they may conduct any activities related to the human research.Each additional site will need to have its own Multi-Site List of Research Personnel

Multi-Site Renewal/ Closure of Human Research  (PDF)
This document should be completed by EACH site for which the UA IRB is the IRB of record. It will need to be attached with the Renewal/Closure for Human Subjects that is submitted.

Institutional Agreements
Institutions must formally rely on one another for IRB review utilizing an Institutional Agreement (IA). The University has taken the initiative to become a member of SMART IRB. SMART IRB is a platform which institutions may use to rely upon each other for IRB review. By utilizing SMART IRB, additional agreements typically are not necessary betwen the hundreds of instiuttions that are members, thereby reducing the requirement to route additional paperwork. A flowchart for how to use SMART IRB can be found here.

If the research project is not using SMART IRB or another partner for which we already have an existing agreement (see guidance document above), then a reliance agreement is needed. The Human Subjects Protection Program will route the reliance agreement to the appropriate person for signature when a request is submitted for review.

IRB Reliance Agreement – UA Reviewing IRB

The IRB Reliance Agreement (UA Reviewing IRB) should be used when the UA IRB will be the IRB of Record for the external site conducting human research.

IRB Reliance Agreement – Ceding Review
The IRB Reliance Agreement (Ceding Review) should be used when the UA IRB will be ceding its review to another IRB of Record.

Individual Agreement

The Individual Agreement (IA) should be used when an independent person not affiliated with a specific institution will be engaged in the human research.