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John Howard, JD
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Suzie Williams
HIPAA Privacy Analyst

Fax: 520.621.3355

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The University of Arizona
PO Box 210409
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Troubleshooting tips

If you are having problems logging into UAccess Learning:

  • You must be either a University of Arizona employee, student, or Designated Campus Colleague engaged in university business.
  • Double check you are using your correct NetID login and password.
  • If you reach a screen with the message “Attention! You have reached this page in error. Please return to the link that brought you to this page,” return to the UAccess hompage and click on the “Learning” link again. 
  • Clear Browser History.  If you are still having problems, such as a blank screen or error message, try logging out of all UA WebAuth systems and clearing your browser history and cache. Once you have cleared your history, close down and then reopen your browser.
  • Open Incognito Window.  Instead of clearing your browser history, you can try opening an incognito or “private” window.

If you continue to have problems logging in to UAccess Learning, please contact the UITS 24/7 IT Support Center at (520) 626-TECH (8324) or (877) 522-7929. More information can be found here.  

If you are having problems registering for the HIPAA Certification:

  • Make sure you are following the HIPAA Certification registration instructions
  • If you receive an “invalid Learner ID” message, this likely means that your learner account ID within UAccess Learning has to be “activated.” Contact the RDI Training & Education Team (, indicate that you received the “invalid Learner ID” message. If you have easy access to your Employee or Student ID number, please include that in your email. 
  • If you are a student or a Designated Campus Colleague and you are logging into UAccess Learning for the first time, you likely won't see any certification or course options listed in the Find Learning view. If that's the case, please wait several hours and then try again. 
  • If you are still having difficulties enrolling into HIPAA Essentials, contact for more assistance.

If you are having problems with loading the training content:

  • Use Firefox. Microsoft Edge is not supported, and Chrome, Safari and Explorer occasionally run into problems. 
  • Enable Pop-up Blockers.  If nothing is popping up, then your “Pop-Up Blockers” could be stopping the modules from launching correctly. 
  • UAccess Learning may be running slowly—be patient (if you see a rotating circle icon in the upper right hand of your screen that means the program is still loading). 
  • Try clearing your browser history, opening an incognito window (described above), or using a different supported browser then the one you tried.
  • Try restarting your device.

If you are still having technical difficulties with viewing content within UAccess Learning, contact UITS 24/7 (520) 626-TECH (8324) or (877) 522-7929.