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HIPAA Training Certification FAQs

How do I access a copy of my HIPAA Certification?

  1. Go to and select “Learning” under “ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEMS”. Login
    with your NetID and password.

  2. Select the compass icon in the upper right, then select the “Navigator”.

  3. Select "Self Service" > "Learning" > “My Learning"

  4. Select “05 – Completed & Waived Learning” from the drop-down menu, then select “Go”

  5. Locate "Certification: HIPAA..." and NOT "HIPAA Essentials", then select the printer icon to the right. This will open a new browser window where you can download or print your certificate.

Download Instructions Here: how_to_print_your_certificate_in_uaccess_learning.pdf

NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours after you complete the HIPAA Essentials training modules before it will appear in your “My Learning” certification history.  If you have waited at least 24 hours AFTER you have taken the HIPAA Essentials course and still are unable to access your certificate of completion in the “My Learning” link, then contact for more assistance. 

I have previously taken HIPAA Essentials and I am just trying to recertify. Which HIPAA Essentials course do I need to enroll in to get credit for recertification?

After I have completed my HIPAA Essentials training, how often do I need to recertify to keep current on my training obligations?  

  • All members of the University of Arizona workforce who access protected health information (PHI) and/or perform work and/or research in an UA Health Care Component (HCC) as part of their job responsibilities must complete HIPAA Essentials training in UAccess Learning within thirty (30) days of joining UA and annually thereafter.  You will receive an email notification forty-five (45) days prior to expiration of your HIPAA certificate notifying you that will need to recertify.  Complete your recertification as soon as possible after receiving that notification to stay current in your HIPAA Essentials training.  

I am having trouble advancing from one module to another module.  For example, each time I try to advance, it loops me back to the prior module.  How do I advance the training?

You likely have not clicked through all of the content and animations in the eLearning module.  The eLearning module will not let you advance to the next module unless you have first clicked through each active component of the module--including each animation within each slide.  This is the only way for the module to register as complete.  If you are still having difficulties advancing the training past a particular module and you have gone back through and confirmed that you have clicked through each animation on each slide within the module, then please contact