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Kay Ellis
Director, Export Control Program
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Keith Corson
Export Control Analyst
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Wendy Epley
Export Control Analyst
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Forms, Checklists & Procedures

 TMP License Exception
The Department of Commerce’s Export Administration Regulations (EAR) makes an exception to licensing requirements for the temporary export or re-export of certain items, technology, or software for personal or professional use as long as certain criteria are met. This exception does not apply to items, technology, data, or software regulated by the Department of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

BAG License Exception Form
If a Department of Commerce license is required, this form should be used in lieu of a license (applicable for most countries) if the traveler is taking a personal laptop or other equipment that contains University of Arizona project data. This exception is not applicable for anything ITAR controlled (a license from the Department of State would be required). Instructions can be found on the form.

Bona Fide Employee Certification Form (ITAR)
This is an exemption from the Department of State, only available to institutions of higher learning, for the export of ITAR controlled technical data to foreign persons who are their bona fide and full time regular employees if certain criteria are met (some countries are excluded).

Export Control HR Checklist - Departments
This form is used by department personnel prior to the hiring of new employees and hosting of Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs) to indicate participation of non-U.S. persons on research projects controlled by a TCP. Export Control Program review may be necessary to determine if export authorization is required prior to a non-U.S. person commencing work.

Export Control Review Checklist For Agreements
Review by the Export Control Program is required prior to the acceptance of any sponsored research agreement (or similar agreement) that:

  • contains non-standard export control language,
  • contains publication restrictions (includes sponsor approval prior to publishing),
  • contains certain information security requirements, foreign nationals restrictions and approval,
  • includes the transfer of items, technology, or software outside the U.S., or
  • indicates the project has a military end-use.

This checklist is to be used by department and contracting personnel during the review process for certain agreements. Should a TCP be required, the Sponsored Projects & Contracting Services (SPCS) will not sign the award documents until the Export Control Program verifies that the TCP protocol is finalized.

ExportControl Checklist - Subawards

The University Export Control Program is required to review subawards that may result in export controlled technologies, information, or equipment be provided to the subrecipient. This checklist is completed by Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) during the subaward review process.

International Travel Authorization Process
International Travel outlines the steps that the traveler and the College/Department/Unit should follow to complete the travel authorization process.

ITAR Vendor Certification WITH Registration Template

ITAR Vendor Certification WITHOUT Registration Template

Purchasing Procedures for Export Control
Purchasing and Export Control provides guidance for processing purchases in accordance with U.S. export regulations.

Technology Control Plan Audit Questionnaire
Projects controlled by a Technology Control Plan (TCP) are audited on a recurrent basis by the Expert Control Program to ensure export control processes are being followed in accordance with what has been stipulated in the TCP.  The Audit Questionnaire contains questions to ensure physical and information security provisions are being followed for the protection of technical data, equipment, software or other project information.

Technology Control Plan (TCP) Template
The purpose of a Technology Control Plan (TCP) is to control the visual, physical, or electronic access by unauthorized non-U.S. persons to certain export controlled information, data, materials, software, and equipment. The TCP template should be completed by the Project Director or Principal Investigator (PI) and approved by the Export Control Program. Before export controlled work can begin, each project member must complete online export control training and receive a TCP briefing from Export Control Program personnel.