The University of Arizona

Research Administrators

Research Administrators are charged with the responsibility to disclose all Outside Interests (i.e., theirs and those of their Family Members and Relatives) that can reasonably be deemed Related to their Institutional Responsibilities. 

Research Administrators

Research Administrator is defined as:

“Any individual employed by the University on a full-time or part-time basis whose responsibilities include participation in any manner in contracts or services related to research administration, research contracting, research compliance, responsible conduct of research, sponsored projects & contracting services, or technology transfer (whether at the University, college, department, or program level) and who are in a position to influence decisions or commit University resources in the performance of his/her Institutional Responsibilities. This term does not include (a) individuals whose responsibilities are purely clerical or are performed solely under immediate supervision; (b) employees of Purchasing and Contracting Services (who are subject to Procurement and Contracting Services policy number 1.4); or (c) senior-level “University Administrators” (who are subject to the Institutional Conflict of Interest policy).”

What to Disclose

A Significant Financial Interest (SFI) of a Research Administrator under this Policy means any pecuniary or proprietary interest held by the Research Administrator or his/her Relative in a Third-Party Organization, other than a “remote interest.” “Remote interests” are defined in the Arizona conflict of interest law (Arizona Revised Statutes A.R.S. § 38-502) and include the types of interests listed in paragraph 4 below, which do not need to be disclosed under this Policy.

When to Disclose

  • Research administrators must submit a disclosure to their supervisor upon becoming aware of an outside interest that is related to, or that may reasonably appear to be related to, their institutional responsibilities.
  • Disclosures should be updated annually, or more often in the event of a change in the outside interests.

How to Disclose

Please complete the Research Administrator Disclosure Form and email the completed form to the Conflict of Interest Program.

Please contact the Conflict of Interest Program at or (520) 626-6406 for assistance.

IND or IDE Application Approval Form

Under the University of Arizona’s Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy, sponsorship of an Investigational New Drug (“IND”) or an Investigational Device Exemption ("IDE") application by UA or UA personnel may create an Institutional Conflict of Interest. Accordingly, if you are applying for an Investigational New Drug (IND) or an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) then you must get approval from the Executive Review Committee.  Please submit an IND/IDE COI Worksheet to the COI Program as far in advance of your anticipated IND/IDE submission date as possible, to minimize the risk of delays while awaiting ERC review.