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Research Administrators


If you participate in research under the auspices of the University, you are required to comply with the University’s Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy (the “ICOIR Policy”).  In particular, you are required to periodically disclose to the University whether you have any significant financial interests or significant personal interests that may be related to your research.  These disclosure requirements apply to all foreign entities, including, but not limited to, employment and/or payments from foreign entities.  You also must complete COI training once every four years. The COI Disclosure training course can be accessed through the Research Gateway or directly through the COI Disclosure System.

The ICOIR Policy requires that your disclosure be updated when any of the following occur:

    1. within 30 days of acquiring a new interest,
    2. annually (even if you do not have anything new to report), and
    3. for each new project, which includes each new proposal you submit through Sponsored Project Services, new or continuing awards, new non-sponsored projects and new IRB protocols.

You still need to complete the required training and disclosure requirements even if you have no outside interests that meet the definition of a significant financial interest or a significant personal interest. In this case, you will simply certify that you have no outside interests to report on the form and submit the form.

Training and Disclosure Instructions

Please login to the Online Disclosure system with your UA NetID and Password to complete the required training and complete your disclosure.  (Instructions on Registering for the UA COI Training Module)  The COI Training Resource Guide may be used as a reference once you complete the required training.

Initial Disclosure

With NO significant financial interests
With significant financial interests

Modification to Existing Disclosure

With NO significant financial interests to add a financial interest
With significant financial interests

Changing an Active Financial Entity to Inactive

Active to Inactive


With NO significant financial interests
With significant financial interests