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Conflict of Interest disclosure statuses can be found using the Conflict of Interest by Project dashboard.

What information is available in this dashboard?

The dashboard provides the determination status for COI Project/Protocol Disclosures, as well as the status of an individual’s COI training and annual disclosure certification.  For each project, a determination status will either be: (1) COMPLETE [COI Requirements have been met and project is approved], (2) INCOMPLETE – AWAITING CERTIFICATION [individual must complete their annual COI Disclosure], (3) INCOMPLETE – AWAITING PROJECT CERT [individual must complete their project questionnaire], (4) INCOMPLETE – IN REVIEW [individual has completed disclosure requirements and COI Program is reviewing disclosure], or (5) INCOMPLETE – CONTACT COI.  If an individual does not appear in the dashboard, it is because they have not completed a disclosure or do not have an active project (proposal, award or protocol). The status of manually entered projects is not captured in this dashboard. 

How do I access the dashboard?

You can access the dashboard here.

How do I determine if an Investigator is up-to-date with their COI Disclosures?

To be up-to-date, an Investigator must have submitted a disclosure through the COI Disclosure System after June 1.

Note: Being up-to-date on disclosures is different than the COI process being complete.  Please review the subsequent FAQs to assess if you also need one or more investigators to confirm the completeness of the COI Program’s review of a disclosure.

Why is an Investigator recieving emails about a Sponsored Project or an IRB Project not being certified?

When an sponsored project or an IRB protocol is submitted to the appropriate office, the departments will upload the projects into their system and then those projects will automatically link to all Investigator's Disclosures.  The Investigators will recieve an email telling them that they must certify the project.  In the case of an IRB project, the Investigator must certify within 30 days or the project will be pulled from the IRB system.

An investigator is not involved in an IRB project or a Sponsored Project anymore but they are getting emails about updating their disclosure.  What do I do?

For a sponsored project, the PI needs to email the COI office and let them know that someone is no longer on the project and we can make sure they do not recieve emails anymore.  For an IRB project, the PI needs to contact the IRB office to update their list of personnel.  They can be contacted at

Where can I find more information about the Individual Conflict of Interest in Research Policy?