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Rules for RAM Use in Open Bay Laboratories

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Approval Holders who are using or storing radioactive materials (RAM) in open bay laboratory spaces are required to provide and document a safety orientation for workers who work in their approved radiation use and storage areas or in “Adjacent RAM Work Areas”. Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS) will designate and post an Adjacent RAM Work Area Notice within the open bay laboratory spaces that require the personnel using them to have increased radiation safety awareness.

Training Requirements

Anyone using RAM in an open bay laboratory must be a radiation worker. Radiation workers must obtain the following prior to using RAM:

  • Authorization via a completed worker invitation
  • Appropriate training designated by Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Anyone who does not use RAM, but who frequently works in or adjacent to approved RAM work area is considered a “non-radiation worker”. Approval Holder(s) are responsible for providing non-radiation worker orientations that include:

  • The worker attesting to having read and understood the following:
    • “Rules for Radioactive Material Use in Open Bay Laboratories”
    • “Radioactive Material Security Rules”
  • A tour of relevant RAM use and storage areas given by a radiation worker familiar with all RAM use in that area
  • Documentation of non-radiation worker orientations shall be maintained by the Approval Holder and be readily available for inspection.

Hazard Communication

The following signs and labels shall be clearly posted in open bay RAM use laboratories:

  • All entrances to open bay RAM use laboratories shall be posted with a “Caution Radioactive Material: No Eating, Drinking, Smoking” sign
  • Entrances to RAM use areas within the open bay laboratory shall have a “Caution Radioactive Material” (CRM) sign within the field of view of approaching personnel
  • RAM use and storage areas shall be clearly marked with CRM labels, tape or signs
  • RAM use floor areas shall be completely delineated with CRM warning tape
  • Adjacent RAM work areas shall be posted with a RAM work area notice.

Contamination Surveys

The scope of monthly comprehensive radiation contamination surveys shall be expanded to include both radiation use and non-radiation use areas of the open bay laboratory:

  • Non-radiation use areas of the open bay include adjacent RAM work area floors
  • Equipment and bench tops,
  • Open bay laboratory entrance thresholds and doorknobs
  • High traffic floor areas and equipment directly adjacent to RAM use areas