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Radioactive Materials Emergency Procedures

Radioactive Material

Radioactive Material Shipping Address:

ATTN: Research Laboratory & Safety Services
1717 E. Speedway Blvd., Ste. 1201
Tucson, AZ 85719

Research Laboratory & Safety Services
University of Arizona
Phoenix Biomedical Campus
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Research Laboratory & Safety Services

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Campus Mail:
PO Box 245101

Phone: (520) 626-6850
Fax: 520-626-2583

Mailing Address:
Research Laboratory & Safety Services
PO Box 245101
Tucson, AZ 85724

Street Address:
1717 E. Speedway Blvd, Suite 1201
Tucson, AZ 85719

Contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services at (520) 626-6850 in the event of any emergency.  If there is no answer, or if it is after hours, contact the University Police at (520) 621-8273.

A Spill is

  • Any accidental or unplanned release of radioactive material to the environment
  • The presence of contamination in any unrestricted area
  • The presence of widespread contamination in any restricted area
  • Any personnel contamination, and/or
  • A ruptured or leaking sealed source

All Spills

Confine/contain the spill, if it can be done safely.

  • Cover liquid spills with absorbent paper
  • Carefully dampen or cover powders to prevent dispersion
  • Turn off all devices which may spread contamination
  • Turn containers upright

Minor Spills – Contained with no Significant Hazard to Personnel

  • Notify the Approval Holder and the Approval Safety Coordinator
  • Do not let personnel who may be contaminated leave the general are
  • a until they have been cleared
  • Keep personnel not essential to decontamination out of the spill areaDecontaminate the area
  • For assistance, call Research Laboratory & Safety Services
  • Do not resume normal operations in the spill area until decontamination has been completed

Major Spills – Not Contained with Possible Significant Hazard to Personnel. Including all Iodine-125 Incidents

  • Call Research Laboratory & Safety Services
  • DO NOT attempt to decontaminate without the assistance of Research Laboratory & Safety Services
  • Notify the Approval Holder, Approval Safety Coordinator, and personnel in the immediate area
  • Leave the immediate area and lock the door. Remove contaminated garments before leaving area
  • Prohibit entry to the contaminated area. Do not allow persons who are potentially contaminated to leave the vicinity of the spill
  • Remain nearby to provide information when help arrives
  • Research Laboratory & Safety Services will declare when operations can resume

Ruptured or Leaking Sealed Source

  • Do not move source or device
  • Follow procedure for “MAJOR SPILLS” above

Injuries or Ingestion

  • For minor injuries, wash injury with mild soap and running water and administer first aid
  • For serious injuries, call “911” and inform dispatcher radioactive material is involved
  • Report all injury and ingestion incidents to Research Laboratory & Safety Services

Contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services at (520) 626-6850 or for additional information.