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Approval of New Radioactive Material

Prior to the purchase and/or use of radioactive materials, the Approval Holder must submit the Application for New Radioactive Material to Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS). The application will be reviewed by RLSS and the Radiation Safety Committee. In addition, if the use will involve the use of animals or humans, review may be required by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the Institutional Review Board.

Amendment to Radioactive Material Approval

Any changes to approved protocols, or any additions of radionuclides to an approved application requires that the Approval Holder submit the Application for an Amendment to Radioactive Material Approval to Research Laboratory & Safety Services for review the Radiation Safety Committee. Approval must be obtained prior to beginning the planned projects.

Retirement of Approvals

The Radiation Safety Committees established a rule effective January 2010 that approvals that have not used or possessed radioactive material for twelve (12) months will be retired.

For assistance reactivating a retired approval or with questions regarding retirement of approvals, contact Research Laboratory & Safety Services at (520) 626-6850 or

University Animal Care Facilities Authorization

Seven (7) days before starting radioactive materials studies at the University Animal Care (UAC) facilities, the Approval Holder must submit the Authorization for Radioactive Material Experiments in Animal Care Facilities

Both University Animal Care and Research Laboratory & Safety Services (RLSS) approvals are required before the experiment can began. RLSS will contact the Approval Holder when approval for use of the UAC facilities has been approved.