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Spring 2020: Please note, the IACUC Office is currently short-staffed and receiving an unusually high number of incoming requests. We ask you allow additional time for protocol and amendment submissions and appreciate your patience as we experience delays in our response and review times.

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The IACUC investigates concerns involving the care and use of research animals at the University of Arizona. This includes claims by the public concerning any aspect of the animal care and use program or by employees or students who report alleged instances of animal abuse, violation of approved protocols, use of animals not covered by approved protocols, violation of any animal-related regulation or standard (such as the Animal Welfare Act, PHS Policy, AAALAC accreditation standards, or IACUC policy), or complaints regarding the care received by animals housed in University laboratory animal, wild animal, or agricultural facilities.

Instructions are found under each field.

Please provide a short description of the welfare concern.
The Protocol Number is found on the cage card. If the number is not known, leave the field blank.
Which animal species is involved? Not that multiple species may be listed on a single Protocol.
If specific animal identification is available, such as ID numbers written on the cage card, please list it here.
Indicate the number of animals involved.
Provide the location and room number (if applicable).
Provide the time with the incident or problem was observed.
Provide the date that the incident/problem was observed.
Provide a sufficiently detailed description to allow investigation. If the Protocol Number is not known, include some way in which to identify the animals or personnel involved.