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IACUC Guidance

IACUC Guidance

IACUC guidance will be considered as procedural standards on the topics identified. Investigators are expected to adhere to the standards described unless an exception has been requested and approved by the IACUC in the protocol document.


I-IC-GU-201 Euthanasia by CD and Decapitation Updated 10/14/2019
I-IC-GU-202 Euthanasia of Mouse and Rat Fetuses and Neonates Updated 6/8/2020
I-IC-GU-214 Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia in Rodents Updated 12/3/2020
I-IC-GU-303 Guillotine Maintenance and Use Updated 05/13/2019          
Guillotine Use and Maintenance Log

Protocols and Amendments

105 Alternative Literature Searches
I-IC-GU-113 IACUC Oversight of Animal Activities Updated 05/07/2020
I-IC-GU-124 Protocol Participation Requirements New 02/11/2019

Research Procedures

I-IC-GU-200 Diet Control in Behavioral Studies
203 Biopsy of Rodent Tails
I-IC-GU-210 Use of Drugs and Compounds in Animal Studies Reviewed 6/8/2020
I-IC-GU-212 Use of Expired Medical Materials Updated 10/14/2019
I-IC-GU-213 Guidelines for Assessing Pain Updated 06/10/2019
I-IC-GU-216 Rodent Identification
I-IC-GU-301 Surgical Trainings and Facilities Updated 08/12/2019
I-IC-GU-304 Rodent Surgery and Instrument Sterilization
I-IC-GU-305 Wire Bottom CagesUpdated 2/10/2020
I-IC-GU-600 Studies using Death or Moribundity as an Endpoint
I-IC-GU-601 Ascites Method of Monoclonal Antibody Production
I-IC-GU-602 Oocyte Harvesting in Xenopus laevis
I-IC-GU-604 Use of Freund's Complete Adjuvant Updated 1/13/2020
I-IC-GU-606 Retro-Orbital Bleeding
I-IC-GU-607 Isoflurane Vaporizer Certification Frequency
I-IC-GU-608 Preparation of Compounds for Use in Animals and Use of Secondary Containers Updated 2/10/2020


103 Investigation of Concerns Involving the Care and Use of Animals
I-IC-GU-110 Procurement of Animals Updated 09/09/2019
115 Adverse Event or Unanticipated Outcome Reporting
I-IC-GU-217 Transporting Animals in Personal Vehicles
I-IC-GU-300 Satellite Animal Facilities
I-IC-GU-307 Evaluation of Sanitation Effectiveness New 08/12/2019
400 Animal Hazards Programs