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General Rodent Surgical Training

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The General Rodent Surgical Training (GRST) is required for anyone who performs any aspect of rodent surgery, including pre-op, anesthesia/monitoring, non-survival surgery, survival surgery, and post-op/recovery.

The GRST is a one-hour class taught by a University Animal Care (UAC) veterinarian.

Class locations - class sizes are limited!

Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC): Vivarium break room via teleconference. All classes are televised from Tucson, select a date from the drop-down list and select "Phoenix" as your location. 

University of Arizona Health Sciences (UAHS): UAC Library, Room UAHS 1108. The closest entry is next to the medical bookstore.
Central Animal Facility (CAF): 1127 E. Lowell Street, directly across from the 6th Street Garage entrance. The entrance is on the building’s east side. Ring the buzzer by the door for entrance. There is no sign on the building other than the address.

What to bring to class

  • The GRST handout, as either a hard or digital copy.
  • Your full protocol or just the Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages (see this page for instructions on how to access and print the protocol), as either a hard or digital copy.
    • If you don't have access to the protocol in eSirius, request a copy from the Principal Investigator or senior lab staff.
    • If you haven't submitted your protocol to the IACUC, bring a copy of the eSirius draft (full protocol or Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages).
    • If you have not started a draft protocol, please contact the IACUC office.

Online Registration

  • Note: Class sizes are limited. If a class is listed as "full", we cannot guarantee a spot.
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