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Spring 2020: Please note, the IACUC Office is currently short-staffed and receiving an unusually high number of incoming requests. We ask you allow additional time for protocol and amendment submissions and appreciate your patience as we experience delays in our response and review times.

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The GRST on-demand course is now LIVE! See links in the bullets below to sign up for the class.

  • The General Rodent Surgical Training (GRST) is required for anyone who performs any aspect of rodent surgery, including pre-op, anesthesia/monitoring, non-survival surgery, survival surgery, and post-op/recovery. 
  • Download instructions for the GRST and click here to enroll. Click here for the slides from the course. 
  • If all other requirements are complete, individuals can be added to a surgical protocol, as a non-surgical participant, prior to completing the GRST.  

Documents that are handy to have while viewing the GRST:

  • Your full protocol or just the Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages (see this page for instructions on how to access and print the protocol), as either a hard or digital copy.
    • If you don't have access to the protocol in eSirius, request a copy from the Principal Investigator or senior lab staff.
    • If you haven't submitted your protocol to the IACUC, the eSirius draft (full protocol or Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages) will work.
    • If you have not started a draft protocol, please contact the IACUC office.