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General Rodent Surgical Training

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Estimated launch date for on-demand GRST video training is the week of April 22nd. Check back here after that date. If a link is not available, the class is not yet launched.

The General Rodent Surgical Training (GRST) is required for anyone who performs any aspect of rodent surgery, including pre-op, anesthesia/monitoring, non-survival surgery, survival surgery, and post-op/recovery. 

Documents needed to participate in the GRST:

  • Your full protocol or just the Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages (see this page for instructions on how to access and print the protocol), as either a hard or digital copy.
    • If you don't have access to the protocol in eSirius, request a copy from the Principal Investigator or senior lab staff.
    • If you haven't submitted your protocol to the IACUC, bring a copy of the eSirius draft (full protocol or Surgery, MSS and Veterinary Drugs pages).
    • If you have not started a draft protocol, please contact the IACUC office.