The University of Arizona

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rates

The activity type is the basis for Facilities & Administrative (F&A) rates applied to a project. The activity type is used by the Financial Services Office to determine the overhead and space commitments of Sponsored Research at the University of Arizona. Even though a project may contain parts of multiple categories, a single overall goal of the project must be determined. 

The F&A rate should be consistent with the classification of the project according to the following table. 

The current Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Rate Agreement was signed on June 26, 2020

Standard F&A Rate Table 

Rate Category



Research (On-campus)

Activity intended to result in the creation, organization, and/or application of knowledge

53.5% MTDC

Commercial/For Profit, Foreign Government Research (On-campus)

Activity intended to result in the creation, organization, and/or application of knowledge

53.5% + 9% = 62.5% MTDC

Research (Off-campus)

Research that occurs off-campus3

26% MTDC

Instruction (On-campus)

Intended to elicit education change in a learner or group of learners

50% MTDC

Instruction (Off-campus)

Instruction that occurs off-campus3

26% MTDC

Other Sponsored Activity (On-campus)

Activity that responds to a community need or solves a public problem

47% MTDC

Other Sponsored Activity (Off-campus)

Other Sponsored Activity that occurs off-campus3

26% MTDC

Clinical Trial4

Protocol-driven drug and device testing involving human subjects, generally funded by for-profit sponsors

30% TDC

Student Experiential Learning

Projects conducted by students not employed by UA, as part of a course requirement, not including graduate research credits

25% TDC

Consortia Memberships

Fees paid by a sponsor to become a member of a UA consortium

10% TDC

Inter-personnel Agreements

Placement of UA staff at another institution which has responsibility for daily supervision of the staff member

15% TDC

Arizona State Agencies

Projects sponsored by Arizona state agencies where the agency indicates that this is the maximum rate allowed2

10% TDC

1 Rates are MTDC for Research, Instruction, and Other Sponsored Activity.  All other rates are TDC minimum rates.

2 For any activity in which we are a subrecipient and our sponsor's prime agreement is with a federal agency, our federally negotiated rates apply to our work.

3 For the definition of what constitutes off campus activity, please see the definition below.

4 This rate applies only to clinical trials that meet the criteria described on the F&A Costs page


Definition of Off-Campus

The off-campus rate is applicable to those projects that are conducted in facilities not owned, leased or operated by the University. If the project is conducted in leased space and lease costs are directly charges to the project, then the off-campus rate must be used. A project is considered off-campus if more than 50% of its salaries and wages are incurred at an off-campus facility. If a project is determined to be off-campus, it shall be considered wholly off-campus. Separate on and off-campus rates will not be used for a single project.