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UAccess Research
Standard Agreements
Award Transfers
Cost Share and Budget
Material Transfer
Sales and Service
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Financial Services Office E-Forms Table of Downloadable Forms

UAccess Research

UAccess Research is the University of Arizona's electronic proposal submission and management system. It facilitates the preparation and processing of Pre- and PostAward tasks electronically, reducing the need for paper transactions. All proposals are submitted using UAccess Research and routed for review/approval by the Principal Investigators/Co-Principal Investigators, Departments, Colleges, and the Sponsored Projects Services Office. A UA NetID and password is required to login to the system. 

New Sponsor Request (pdf)


UAccess Research Proposal Provisioning Guide (pdf)


UAccess Research User Guide, Version 5.2.1 (pdf)


UAccess Research Route Log Guide (pdf)


Instructions for Approving Proposals in UAR (pdf)


UAccess Research Proposal Routing Flowchart (pdf)


NSF Science Codes (pdf)






Proposal Preparation Checklist (pdf)


UA Major Proposal Changes Guide (pdf)


UA Proposals Timeline (pdf)


Proposal Supplement RPPR/2590 (pdf)


NIH Modular Budget Examples (pdf)


Verification of Human Subjects Training (pdf) (Word)


Non-Federal Payment Policy Waiver Request (pdf)




Advance Account (PreAward)/Backstopping (pdf)


Budget Authority (pdf)


Operational Advance Quick Reference (pdf)


Operational Advance Roles & Responsiblities (pdf)


Correction of Error Certification (Word)


Overview of Supplemental Compensation (pdf)


Request for Approval to Rebudget Admin/Clerical Salaries (pdf)


Request for Approval to Rebudget Admin Operating Costs (pdf)


NIH Final Invention Statement & Certification (pdf)


Standard Agreements




Clinical Trial Agreement Template (Word)


Cost Reimbursable Simple Grant Template


Fixed Price Grant Agreement Template


Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understand MOU - Jointly Appointed UA/SAVAHCS (pdf)


Small Business Innovation Research SBIR (Word)


Small Business Technology Transfer STTR (Word)


Award Transfers


Grant Transfer Roles & Responsibilities (pdf)


Official NIH Grant Relinquishing Statement (pdf)


Internal Grant Transfer Memo(pdf)


Equipment Transfer Letter Template (Word)


Small Business Technology Transfer STTR Subaward (Word)




Conflict of Interest(Link)


Export Control(Link)


HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Link)


Human Subjects Protection Program (Link)


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee(Link)


Radiological, Biological, & Chemical Safety (Link)


Cost Share and Budget


Guide for Reviewing Cost Share Source Accounts-Analytics (pdf)


Guide for Reviewing Cost Share Source Accounts-Financials (pdf)


F&A Proration Worksheet (Excel)


Budget & Cost Share Worksheet (Excel)


Third Party Cost Sharing Certification (Word)


Worksheet for Analyzing Total Compensated Effort (pdf)


HHS Salary Cap Cost Share Worksheets: (Excel)


Fastlane Example - PI Salary Support (pdf)


Fastlane Example - PI Role in Other Resources (pdf)


Fastlane Example - Research Appointment Requesting Salary (pdf)


Fastlane Example - Doctoral Dissertation/Fellowship Proposal (pdf)


Material Transfer


Material Transfer Agreement Review Form (pdf)


Material Transfer Agreement MTA - Biological - Incoming (Word)


Material Transfer Agreement MTA - Non-Biological - Incoming (Word)


Biological Materials Transfer Agreement UMBTA - Incoming (Word)


Sales and Service


Sales and Service Transmittal Sheet


UBIT Questionnaire for Sales/Service Contract/Agreement (pdf)


Sponsor Forms (Link)


Office of Management and Budget (Link)


Arizona Biomedical Research Commission (Link)


Environmental Protection Agency (Link)


National Endowment for the Humanities(Link)


National Institute of Food and Agriculture(Link)


National Institutes of Health(Link)




NASA Assurance of Compliance (pdf)


Subawards Sole Source V Competitive Bid Request (pdf)


Subaward Budget Negotiation (pdf)


Subaward Budget Negotiation Form Instructions (pdf)


Subaward Payment Authorization(pdf)


Subaward Subcontractor Property Survey(pdf)


Subaward 90 Day Closeout Deadline(pdf)


Subaward Closeout Checklist(pdf)


Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium - General (Word)


Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium - NIH (Word)


Subaward Disclosure Template(Word)


Sample Subrecipient Monitoring Risk Assessment Form (pdf)


Subrecipient Commitment Form (pdf)


New Subaward Initiation Form (pdf)


Subaward Modification Initiation Form (pdf)


Subrecipient vs. Contractor Checklist (pdf)


Subrecipient Monitoring Guide (pdf)