The University of Arizona

Directory: Contract & Research Support Program

General Contact Information
Phone: 520-626-3050
Organization Chart

Name Title Email Phone
Stephen G. Harsy, PhD.
Director, Contract & Research Support Program 520.626.4602
Savannah Corral
Administrative Associate 520.626.3050
Annette Gallardo
Contract Analyst 520.626.8403
Name Title Email Phone
Juliet Burnett-Scarberry
Contract Manager, Contract & Research Support Program 520.626.0544
Catherine Contreras
Contract Analyst 520.626.8871
Mariana Silveira
Contract Officer 520.621.0927
Debra Slaughter
Contract Officer 520.626.8551
Name Title Email Phone
Mark Drury
Contract Manager, Contract & Research Support Program 520.626.4589
Christopher Barnhill
Contract Officer 520.626.6834
Gillian Bucciarelli
Contract Analyst 520.626.4607
Melissa Kramer
Contract Officer 520.626.9173
Chuck Smart
Contract Analyst 520.626.3353
Name Title Email Phone
Radha Ramachandran, Ph.D.
Contract Manager, Contract & Research Support Program 520.626.6068
John Annibal
Contract Officer 520.626.4585
Melissa Hala'ufia
Contract Officer 520.626.8875
Peter Stamm
Contract Analyst 520.626.3596