The University of Arizona

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The University of Arizona (UA) is one of the nation’s leading public research universities with an extensive institutional track record, depth of experience, and resources to effectively manage, administer, and support hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and awards annually. Ranked 34th in FY 2015 research expenditures out of 640 public and private institutions (21st in public institutions) reviewed by the National Science Foundation Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD), the UA boasts a robust research infrastructure. FY15 research expenditures for UA was $606M

The UA's Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI) provides pre-award, post-award, compliance, and contracting services across UA. Research Service units under RDI include Research Development Services, Sponsored Projects Services, Contract & Research Support Program. In addition to these services, RDI provides programs that promote the safe, legal, and ethical conduct of research including: Conflict of Interest Program, Export Controls Program, Human Subjects Protection Program, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, HIPAA Privacy Program, Research Laboratory & Safety Services, Research Integrity Program, and Responsible Conduct of Research Program. College and department business units comply with RDI guidance and policies for sponsored research financial reporting and management.

Recent examples of large, multi-institute research and education projects include the Phoenix Mars Mission (NASA), the OSIRIS-REx Mission (NASA), the NSF iPlant Collaborative (CyVerse), and the NSF ERC for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN).