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Updated guidance will be posted prior to September 1, 2017

Core Facility Enhancement grants are available to augment scientific capacity through the acquisition of equipment for use by multiple investigators in university core facilities. Equipment with a total cost of $100,000 to $300,000 can be requested. An additional $30,000 in core facility use credits can be added to stimulate use; core facility use credits may only be used to cover approved user fees in the core facility. Equipment at this scale is expected be located in, and administrated by, an approved core facility and operated by existing professional core facility personnel. Proposals must be endorsed by the core facility faculty user committee and demonstrate the need from multiple committed users from multiple units. Awardees are required to work with RDI staff to establish internal and external usage rates. RDI funds may only be used for equipment cost (with the exception of the core facility use credits for the core facility equipment mechanism). RDI funds may not be used for salaries or operations, however these costs can be provided as facility contributions.

Timing: Applications are due October 23, 2017.

Eligibility: Three or more investigators (faculty tenure-track, continuing-track, and/or research-track and appointed personnel) must form a proposing team, with one corresponding investigator, on behalf of the core facility faculty user committee.

Application: Applications are accepted via UA's Competition Space online application program. The opportunity is open for submission, detailed instructions and a fillable budget form are included on UA's Competition Space.

Questions on how to use UA Competition Space? Download instructions here.

The proposal should consist of the following elements:

  • General applicant information (via Competition Space)
  • Indication of topical theme (more than one area may be selected):
    • Improving Health/Biomedicine
    • Space Systems & Optics
    • Water, Energy & Arid Environment
    • National Defense & Security Systems
    • Informatics
    • Imaging
    • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
    • Public Policy, Law, Architecture, International
    • Other
  • Indication of TRIF Initiative (if applicable):
    • Improving Health
    • Water, Environment, and Energy Solutions
    • Space Exploration & Optical Solutions
    • Defense & Security Systems
    • None
  • Proposal with up to a 3 page narrative that describes how the proposed equipment adds needed capacity, its relationship to other existing cores/shared equipment resources, and the identification of external funding target(s)
  • Budget
  • Budget justification
  • List of users with affiliation
  • Business plan for long term sustainability of the equipment. Awardees will be required to work with RDI staff to establish internal and external usage rates.
  • Brief Biographical Sketch (4 page max) of corresponding investigator
  • Letter of Commitment from relevant Dean(s)
  • Equipment Quote(s)

Review/Selection Criteria: Proposals will be reviewed by an expert panel. Although every attempt will be made to include faculty with general area of expertise appropriate to the proposals being reviewed, applicants should be aware that reviewers will vary in specific subject matter expertise. Applicants thus are advised to craft the proposal to be understandable to a broad, interdisciplinary audience.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with university strategic priorities in Never Settle and from the RDI Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Interdisciplinary activity, involvement of multiple UA units, and endorsement by the user committee
  • Identification of a specific and appropriate extramural funding targets (agency/sponsor and specific program) for which the equipment will enhance competitiveness
  • Track record of the unit responsible for managing the equipment

Upon reviewer recommendations, final funding determination will be made within RDI. Notification of award will be sent to the Co-PI team, department heads, and deans.

Reporting Requirements: A report is required within one month of the end date of the activity and must be submitted to RDI via Competition Space. The report will include a description of equipment purchased, results obtained, and status of proposal development and agency submission, if applicable. Additional information regarding requirements will be outlined in the award letter.