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Limited Submissions Process

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The following procedures are used to select the University of Arizona's submissions when proposals are in some way limited.


Announcement of Limited Submissions
Review Process

Announcement of Limited Submissions

Limited submission opportunities will always be advertised through 1 and 2 below. In certain instances, 3 will occur. If you are interested in applying for a limited submission that is not listed on the calendar (1), please contact

  1. Posting on the Limited Submissions Calendar with an internal deadline
  2. Highlighting in the Weekly Digest from Research Development Services
  3. Direct communication with Associate/Assistant Deans for Research, Deans, and Center/Institute Directors

Review Process

If the number of pre-proposals exceeds the allowable number of submissions, RDI will arrange a review of pre-proposals. Currently, most pre-proposals are peer reviewed by UA faculty. These ad hoc faculty reviewers are selected based on expertise, knowledge of the funding mechanism, and on conflict of interest considerations. Each reviewer will normally review all pre-proposals. In the case of proposals requiring cost share, RDI will coordinate with the appropriate dean(s) office(s). In cases of large multi-investigator applications, external reviewers may be used. Peer review is handled through Competition Space (including notice to PIs and deans).

Internal review proposals: Unless indicated otherwise on the Limited Submission Calendar, interested faculty are asked to submit a pre-proposal to Competition Space by the internal deadline. Pre-proposals will typically include:

  • A 2-page summary of the proposed project;
  • PI/Co-PI biosketch appropriate to the funder (or, a CV if the funder does not specify a biosketch format); and
  • For large, complex proposals, names/units of team members at UA and at partnering institutions.

Review criteria: Review is based on the sponsor's criteria and thus differ for each funding program. Generally, review criteria include:

  • PI and investigator team qualifications in the specific funding area, and if applicable, success leading multi-disciplinary/multi-institutional team efforts;
  • The relevance or “match” between the proposed project and the program requirements;
  • The impact or “importance” of the proposed project;
  • Responsiveness to review comments from a previous submission, if applicable; and
  • Any other factors relevant and appropriate to the funding program such as cultural competency; public outreach efforts; inclusion of under-represented groupss; and quality of the evaluation design.

RDI will evaluate the peer reviewers' scores/comments and dean's input and select the most competitive pre-proposal(s). Additional criteria that may be considered include:

  • Alignment with UA strategic objectives;
  • The strength and completeness of the proposed team for large, complex proposals;
  • The impact of proposed cost sharing on the University's extant cost share exposure; and 
  • Any other criteria deemed important for submission of a competitive application.

If the total number of pre-proposals is less than or equal to the number allowed by the limited solicitation, RDI will still evaluate the suitability of each application based on the criteria listed above. After decisions are made, applicants and their deans are notified. Review comments are returned to the applicants to provide feedback, which should be considered when preparing the agency proposal or a future pre-proposal.


While every effort is made to adhere to the procedures listed above, there are instances when the interval between becoming aware of a limited submission and the funding agency's deadline makes it impractical to follow the process outlined above. In those cases, broad announcements may not be made, expedited reviews with limited or no feedback comments may be performed, and/or submission slots may be awarded on a first-come first served basis. 

For additional information, please contact Research Development Services.