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Mariette Marsh, Director
(520) 626-7575

Andi Encinas, IRB Manager
(520) 626-8630

Liz Baldry, IRB Associate
(520) 626-0256

Mason Burchfield, IRB Associate
(520) 626-0433

Gina Fimbres, IRB Associate
(520) 626-0026

Christine Melton-Lopez, IRB Coordinator
(520) 626-5859

Courtney Olson, IRB Associate
(520) 626-1744

Darlene Villicana, IRB Associate
(520) 626-6282

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1618 E. Helen Street
Tucson, AZ 85721

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POB 210409
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Determination of Human Research (Word)
The Determination of Human Research form should be used when it is unclear if the proposed activities require review by an Institutional Review Board (IRB). If the proposed study clearly is Human Research, do not complete this form! Instead, please submit the appropriate application for review and approval by the IRB. The Human Subjects Protection Program will provide a written determination which can be used to provide sponsors, collaborators, journal editors, and others with verification from an impartial source as to whether or not the proposed activities require IRB approval.

F200: Application for Human Research (Word)
Application for review of a proposed study involving collection of data from or interaction with human subjects.

F203: Application for Retrospective Review of Data or Specimens (Word)
Application for review of a proposed human subjects study involving existing records review, data abstraction, and analysis.

F204: Application for Ceded IRB Oversight (Word)
Application to request that IRB oversight be deferred to a non-University of Arizona IRB. See Ceded IRB Review for guidance.

F299: Request for University of Arizona Human Research Site Authorization (REDCap)
Request for investigators who are not affiliated with the University of Arizona to access University resources to conduct human research. See UA Site Authorization (F299) for guidance.