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Export Control

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Training Requirements

University of Arizona employees working on an export controlled project secured with a Technology Control Plan (TCP) are required to successfully complete the initial export control training module prior to the start of the project and to complete export control continuing education training annually throughout the duration of the secured project or for as long as the TCP remains in place.

Failure to successfully complete the initial training as well as the annual continuing education requirements will result in your removal from the project until the training has been completed. Principal Investigators conducting research secured with a TCP are responsible for ensuring that all project personnel complete the required export control training.

If the University Export Control Program (UECP) determines that a project is export controlled and requires a TCP, the Contract & Research Support Program (CRSP) will not process the pertinent sponsored research agreement, contract, or non-disclosure/proprietary information agreement until receiving confirmation from UECP that all project personnel have successfully completed the export control training requirements and a TCP has been implemented. In addition, no work on the project can begin until all project personnel have successfully completed the export control training and the TCP has been signed.

The University Export Control Program is responsible for export control training content and for maintaining training records.

Please contact the University Export Control Program for additional information or questions regarding export control training requirements.

Initial Training

All University of Arizona employees working on an export controlled project are required to take the online initial export control training, “Export Control Compliance: Understanding the Regulations in a University Setting”

The training is available on the UA’s UAccess Learning system.

To access the training, follow these steps:

  1. Log into UAccess Learning
  2. Click on the "Find Learning" tile
  3. Scroll down to "Certification: Export Control Training" and click the gray triangle
  4. Click the "Register" button, then the "Submit Registration" button
  5. Click the "My Learning" link
  6. Click the title for "Research: Export Control in a University Setting"
  7. Scroll down and click the "Launch" link to begin the first module

Click here for a detailed "how to" guide on the above steps

Annual Training

Annual export control training requirements can be completed by:

  • attending a qualifying University of Arizona-sponsored export control presentation/seminar on campus; or
  • successfully completing the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program Export Compliance modules: "Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I and Part II."  

UA Personnel can log into CITI Program at

To access the training modules:

  1. Choose the "University of Arizona" from the list of organizations
  2. The UA WebAuth will appear if you are not already on the UA Network; enter your UA NetID and Password 
  3. New Users will be prompted to create a profile; existing users will be taken to the main page. 
  4. Select "Export Compliance (EC)" from the course selection on the main page. 
  5. Under "Required Modules" select the "Export Compliance for Researchers: Part I" module. 
  6. Once Part 1 is successfully completed, select the "Export Compliance for Researchers: Part II" module. 

Click here for a detailed "how to" guide on the above steps.

Additional Export Control Presentations and Training Courses

Does Export Control Apply to Your English Professor? (YouTube video), Kay Ellis, UECP Director, University of Arizona

Traveling Outside of the U.S. "Tools of the Trade" (YouTube video), Kay Ellis, UECP Director, University of Arizona

Essentials of Export Controls (Online), Bureau of Industry & Security (BIS). This program is designed to give people who are new to exporting, and, in particular, new to export controls, a general understanding of regulations and how to use them.

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Online Training Room. BIS online training gives you the opportunity to learn from experienced U.S. Government officials about export control policies, regulations and procedures in a variety of electronic formats.

Briefings Related to Security Clearances

Initial Security Briefing (PDF): Required for individuals with a security clearance.

Suspicious Contacts (PDF): Overview of what constitutes a suspicious contact and related reporting requirements.

Contact Keith Corson, Facility Security Officer, for additional information.