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COI Hotline: (520) 626-7879

Epiphanie Gillette
Conflict of Interest Officer
(520) 626-8266

Lisa Pope
Conflict of Interest Analyst
(520) 626-5248

Dana Hess
Conflict of Interest Program Specialist
(520) 626-7879

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1618 E. Helen Street
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PO Box 210409
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The University of Arizona’s Conflict of Commitment Policy provides guidance to University employees and to the University in the identification of potential and actual conflicts of commitment.

How to Submit the Form

Complete the Request for Approval of External Professional Commitment or Outside EmploymentSubmit the request form four (4) weeks prior to beginning the outside activity to allow a reasonable time for consideration of your request.

Faculty Members must submit the Request form to their Department Head and Dean for approval.

All other University employees, including Deans, Vice Presidents, Assistant and Associate Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and above, must submit the Request form to their supervisor. The form must be submitted four (4) weeks prior to beginning the outside activity to allow a reasonable time for consideration of your request.

Once the request has been fully approved, please submit a PDF copy of the fully approved form to


What is a Conflict of Commitment?

A "Conflict of Commitment" relates to an individual's distribution of time and effort between their full-time duties as a University Employee and their responsibilities resulting from Outside Employment and Outside Professional Commitments. The term "Outside Employment" refers to any employment relationship of an individual covered by the Policy. The term "Outside Professional Commitments" refers to professional activities undertaken by an individual covered by the Policy that are related to the individual's professional expertise, outside of the individual's institutional responsibilities, for the benefit of an external entity or individual and not covered by a fully executed written agreement between the University and the external entity. For purposes of this policy, Outside Employment or Outside Professional Commitments may or may not be compensated.

To Whom does the University’s policy apply?

The policy applies to all "Full-time" University Appointed Personnel. The term "Full-time" means a status determined by the University's Division of Human Resources. For tenured/tenure-eligible faculty, full-time is generally defined as 50% or more full-time equivalent, which employment is expected to continue for six (6) months or more. Please consult with your department's hiring manager or business office if you are unsure whether you have full-time status.

Please contact the Conflict of Interest Program at or (520) 626-8266 if you have questions.

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