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Getting Started with eSirius

Beginning March 21, 2016, the IACUC only accepts protocol, amendment, and continuing review submissions through the web-based eSirius 3G program.

  • All personnel currently listed on an active protocol have access to eSirius 3G.
  • New Principal Investigators must establish an eSirius account by emailing the IACUC Office with their contact information, including UA NetID.
  • eSiruis 3G can be accessed from a UA computer or through a VPN, using your UA NetID and password. Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers. eSirius 3G does not work with Internet Explorer.

eSirius 3G Manual and Help

The eSirius 3G manual for Principal Investigators is available through the University Animal Care (UAC) web page. Contact the IACUC Office for additional assistance with using eSirius 3G or to request in-person training.

  • To access the manual, select Staff Login at the bottom left of the UAC main page.
  • Log in using your UA NetID and password.
  • The manual is found under the Investigator Information, eSirius3G section.

Submitting IACUC Protcols

Protocol Amendments

NOTE: If you are making changes to protocol personnel, not the protocol itself, see Adding Personnel to an IACUC Protocol.

  • How to submit an Amendment in eSirius 3G (SOP 119) (PDF)

Continuing Review

Annual review and renewal of approved protocols is required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Welfare Act. Continuing Review serves as the mechanism by which the IACUC performs this USDA mandated annual review of protocols. In addition, the University of Arizona IACUC requires a Continuing Review for all protocols, regardless of species.

Continuing Reviews must be received by the IACUC Office prior to the start of the second and third year of the active protocol. Approximately 45, 30, and 15 days prior to the protocol’s anniversary date, the Principal Investigator named on the protocol will receive an eSirius 3G system-generated reminder email.

  • How to submit a Continuing Review in eSirius 3G (SOP 120) (PDF)

De Novo Review

Protocols are approved for a three-year period, after which time a new protocol is submitted to the IACUC for de novo (“as new”) review. If your protocol expires, all work with animals must stop immediately. In eSirius, you will be able to edit your existing protocol and resubmit as “new” for the de novo review.

  • How to submit a De Novo Review (Renewal) in eSirius 3G (SOP 121) (PDF)

New Protocol

Prior to submitting a new protocol, contact the IACUC Office to determine if the protocol could be an amendment to an existing protocol. Protocols submitted as new, which should be amendments to an existing protocol, are cancelled.

  • How to submit a New Protocol in eSirius 3G (SOP 122) (PDF)

Viewing the Approved Protocol Documents in eSirius

  1. Log into eSirius 3G
  2. Select the Principal Investigator whose protocol you wish to view from the pull down list at the top of the screen
  3. Select the Protocol Management option under the Mailbox header
  4. For approved protocols:
  • On the Protocol Actions tab, click the row with the protocol you wish to view (row turns yellow)
  • Click the "View Approved Protocol" button
  • Click the hyperlinked protocol number for the version at the top of the list. This will be the currently approved version of the protocol.
  • For draft/in review amendments and protocols:
    • On the relevant tab (Draft Protocols, Draft Amendments, Protocol/Amendment in Review), click the row with the protocol you wish to view (row turns yellow)
    • Click on the "Preview Protocol" button
  • You are now viewing the full protocol document
  • To print the protocol, select "Ctrl" + "P" to reveal the print menu. You may now either print a paper copy or save a PDF copy the protocol. To save a PDF cop to your computer, select "Save as PDF" (Chrome) or "Adobe PDF" (Firefox) as the printer.
  • All protocol documents are attached on the "Protocol Attachments" page listed at the bottom of the Table of Contents. See the instructions below for tips on how to open or save the attached documents.

    eSirius Attachments

    You will need Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher to use the PDF forms below. To avoid browser issues when accessing the forms, right click on the hyperlink and select “save target as” or “save link as” to save the file directly to your hard drive. After saving, close the web document and open the saved document. This process must also be used in eSirius to open the attachments when using Chrome as the browser or to save the attachments (Chrome or Firefox).


    • Breeding Addendum (PDF)

    Compounding Standard Operating Procedures

    • Preparation of Compounds (Word)
    • Preparation of Ketamine-Containing Anesthetic Cocktails (Word)
    • Preparation of Sodium Pentobarbital (Word)
    • Preparation of Tribromoethanol (Avertin) (Word)

    Satellite Facilities

    • Small Mammal Species: SOP for PI Housing (Word)
    • Small Mammal Species: Assessment Log for PI Housing (Word)
    • Aquatic Species: SOP for PI Housing (Word)
    • Aquatic Species: Assessment Log for PI Housing (Word)
    • Semi-Aquatic Species: SOP for PI Housing (Word)
    • Semi-Aquatic Species: Assessment Log for PI Housing (Word)
    • Zebrafish: SOP for PI Housing (Word)
    • Zebrafish: Assessment Log for PI Housing (Word)

    Client Owned Animals

    • Sample Client Owned Animal Consent Form (Word)


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